• " I just wanted to let you know, I purchased the beginners kit and have been sleeping so much better and having lovely happy dreams - waking up refreshed and happy. Thank you so much for this kit! "
    Mel Ganley
  • "I absolutely love Core Crystal Co, I have had the most amazing experience with them and cannot recommend them enough. Their website has a wide range of crystals from small tumbles right through to large home decor pieces, meaning there is something available for every crystal lover. The girls themselves are also beyond wonderful and are always there to help, whether that be by them assisting you with any queries, pairing you with a crystal or by just providing you with crystal knowledge (check out their Instagram page, it is amazing)."
    Amylia Francis
  • " I feel very blessed to have found your page. I have been a spiritual person for as long as I could walk. I will admit I kind of lost my path when I studied my degree, and finding your page has reignited my love for all things spiritual. Thank you for being a positive light "
  • "Everything from CCC is wonderful. The products, packaging and the people"
To modernise and simplify crystal healing

We have broken down the healing properties of each crystal so you can intuitively choose your crystals whilst shopping online.

Each piece is precisely hand-picked for you, cleansed then re-charged, so your crystal is ready to perform its best for you.

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