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4 tips for your crystal journey!

4 tips for your crystal journey!

1. Cleanse your crystal!

I know it’s exciting when you receive your first Crystal, and often times you want to just jump right in and get started...but WAIT! Cleansing your Crystal is super important as it’ll help release any negative energies that the Crystal may have picked up along the journey to your doorstep

Although there are many ways you can cleanse your Crystal, we highly recommend using any (or a few!) of these methods. 

  • Water - water is simple yet effective at cleansing, just make sure your Crystal is waterproof before you do!
  • Smoke - in any form (herb, botanical or incense) is a common (and great!) way to cleanse your Crystal of choice.
  • Selenite - is another popular choice. A Selenite energy plate dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus and creates calm in any space. It also self-cleanses, meaning it will also be ready to support your needs at all times!
  • Moon Energy - In particular, full moon and new moon. We recommend placing your crystals under the full moon to cleanse and release and under the new moon for your manifesting crystals to charge them with the new beginnings & high intensity manifesting energy. 

2. Research your Crystal! (and program it to your needs/desires!) 

Each Crystal is unique and works in different ways! It is important to understand the properties of each Crystal, and how each Crystal can help you best.

This will help you to get the most out of the Crystal! Luckily, each Crystal from us comes with a detailed Crystal card, highlighting the healing properties, colour, chakra and affirmations that are associated with the Crystal! Make sure to also set your intentions with the Crystal, letting the Crystal know what to focus on and what exactly you want.

3. Work with your crystal/s

If there is something in particular you are working towards, you should be keeping that crystal/s with you as much as possible as crystals work by interacting with your energy field. The more they are with surrounding you, the more support you will feel. Daily practices to incorporate into your day could be; meditation, affirmations, charged water, chakra cleansing, carrying in your bra, pocket or bags throughout the day or sleeping with the crystals in your pillow case. This is just some of the many ways you can include crystals into your life! 

4. Keep a journal!

Journaling is very underutilized, especially when it comes to raising your vibrations with Crystals.

With any Crystal, you should track any progress and differences you notice while working with the Crystal. You should also track:

  • Sensations you feel
  • Any thing else you think is relevant including changes in dreams and enhancements in source connection 

We hope these tips help you in your journey, just know that we are here for you and we're just a message away.


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