• Cleansing, Energetic Protection & Setting Boundaries Live Workshop!

Cleansing, Energetic Protection & Setting Boundaries Live Workshop!

Do you want to be able to set strong boundaries,  honour them and your own energy?

Do you want to stop the people pleasing and live life on your terms? 

Are you someone who knows there is more to life than what you are currently doing, you are held back by the opinions of others and aren't sure how to take the required action?

When you apply boundaries and respect your energetic minimums you set, your potential is limitless. Your outlook on life will change and you start living life for you -  not for others.  You take back ownership of your life. This can look like: 

✨ Living a life that feels aligned & authentic to you 

✨ Making decisions based on your needs 

✨ Knowing your worth and not accepting anything less 

✨ Standing strong in your boundaries 

✨ Understanding and honouring your energy 

✨ Having the took kit & practices to use to protect and cleanse your energy to keep your vibration high 

Within this workshop we dive deep into cleansing, energetic protection and setting boundaries. You will learn practices to cleanse your energetic field and keep your vibration high along with how to cleanse your crystals and environment. We dive deep into how to keep your energy protected and how to set boundaries and actually honour them. 

You owe it to yourself to live your best life possible and prioritise you!

Masterclass now available to download and watch in your own time. On purchase, you will receive an email to create a log in to Core Crystal Co. School where you can access the replay, guided meditations and training materials. 

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