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Our Story

To modernise and simplify crystal healing

Originally founded by two close friends, Andrea (left) and Lucinda (Right) who share an absolute passion for crystal healing. Our crystal journey started in 2019, Andrea and I were both going through challenging times in our lives and turned to crystals as a therapy. Crystals found us at the exact right time, we truly believe the crystals chose us, crystal energy has completely changed our perspective on life, through working with crystals we have raised our energetic frequency, connection to our intuition, the divine and have never felt more aligned. 

Through our own healing journey Core Crystal Co. (CCC) was founded. We wanted to share the power of crystal healing and all things spiritual with you, and change the stigma with crystals being associated to an alternative lifestyle. We want to awaken societies perspective on crystal healing, and help people realise that, crystals are an incredible and easy tool that can be used in a modern lifestyle and can be used for not only healing purposes, but to help attract the life that you desire. 

In Jan 2021, CCC started a new chapter with myself (Lucinda) moving into sole owner and Andrea exploring her gifts with divine guidance and tarot. We still work very closely together and you will see both our faces across the brand collaborating together! 

CCC is here to educate you and provide you with the tools and knowledge that is simple and easy to understand, so you can start incorporating crystals into your life, just like I do mine each and every day. 

I cannot wait to connect with you - Now let’s start your crystal journey and ultimately RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!

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