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1. Are your crystals ethically sourced?

We currently work with a few different family mines and wholesalers. We are very conscious in ensuring we only work with suppliers and miners who share the same value's as us. 

Prior to  working with any new supplier we ensure there crystals are ethically mined using minimal equipment and adhere to ethical working conditions and ensure they know exactly where they are getting their crystals from  before we continue a working relationship. If there is ever uncertaintity we do not continue doing business. 

With our overseas suppliers, these are all directly mined themselves and we are lucky enough to receive videos of them working and the conditions of the mines  and unearthing of the crystals along with the cleaning processes-  These are small companies and are mostly hand mined. We have very great relationships with our overseas suppliers and know the people we are working with only have good intentions.

We also work with two Australian wholesalers where about 30% of our stock is sourced from. This gives us the capability to hand-pick the crystals. We have been assured they share similar values as us and have also  done their checks prior to continuing a working relationship.

We have been advised all current suppliers and mines source ethically and sustainably and also adhere to appropriate working conditions and payment of their staff.

2. Where you located? 

We are located in Brisbane, however only offer delivery due to this being a home based business and privacy reasons. 

3.  How to choose a crystal? 

You can do this by either searching based on what you want to heal or your needs (the vibe you want to attract) or by simply trusting in your intuition and where you feel drawn to.. The crystal will always choose you!

4.  Do the crystals come with cards?

All our crystals, candles and smoke wands come with a paired crystal card which includes the chakra, description and an affirmation. 

- Limited edition crystals will not come with a crystal card as they will not be restocked. 


5.  Do you use only natural ingredients in your candles? 

Our wax is coconut soy wax which is natural, however our fragrances have artificial additives. Our scents are so unique and fun that they couldn't be made from an essential oil unfortunately.