• 1:1 Empowered Healing & Crystal Guidance Calls

1:1 Empowered Healing & Crystal Guidance Calls

Everything and anything gets to be possible for you. You are capable of attracting it all but as life goes  on we come across roadblocks that make us feel like our desires are so out of reach.. I am here to tell you, BS! - if someone else can have it, be it and embody it, why the hell can't you? 

Within this 1 hour call, we dive deep into what is currently holding you back, identify your blocks, where you want to be and where you are now, release the fear and rewrite the limiting beliefs, paired with crystals to assist with your healing journey, actionable steps and spiritual practices to include into your life and start taping into the true power that is inside of you.  

This call will look different for each and every person but the ultimate goal, to feel aligned, fulfilled, confident, grounded and abundant in every way possible and when you may not be feeling like that, you have the strategies to tap back into it! It is possible but the journey all starts with you, it won't be easy but it will certainly be worth it! I will be here to guide you and support you as you transform into that next level you! Are you ready? 

+ bonus gift - You will receive 3 x tumble stones + free postage based on the crystal recommendations from our call to begin your transformational journey. 

- This is an intro offer - Price will be rising within the next few weeks. 

  • $99.00