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I AM MAGNETIC - Shadow work & manifestation Course

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A journey to self-discovery, transformation & next level expansion. For the woman who wants to rise, decode the programming, ignite that fire in her belly and become a magnet to her desires. 

This is for you if you are ready to:

Show up unapologetically

Decode all the conditioning and connect to the authentic you

Heal your inner childhood wounds and reclaim your power 

Rewire old belief systems and all that holds you back

Set a new standard for the life you are living & create a life that sets your soul on fire 

Attract more freedom, alignment and abundance than ever before 

Master your mindset and energy

& quantum leap into the next level you. 


She has always been inside of you - It's time to unleash her power to the world. 

What's included in this course? 

  • 7 modules
  • 7 training sessions
  • full moon and new moon sacred moon circles
  • weekly embodiment & activation practices including 3 guided meditations
  • lifetime access through our e-portal

If you want to unlock who you are at a f*cking core level to clear out all blockages, fear, conditioning & self imposed limitations keeping you from what you desire - this is meant for you! 

Let your intuition guide your decision to join and become magnetic AF. 

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