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From practice to HABIT - Masterclass - 2nd July

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Create a soul-care routine that you cannot wait to dive into each day and that actually sticks. 

I see you over there, constantly starting new practices but never able to implement permanently. 

Using the excuse, I don't have enough time - I am a mama of 2 under 2 (one a newborn) and continue to run my biz - if I can make time, so can you ;) & I am going to show you exactly how I do it within this masterclass.   Pssst - I am not referring to setting an alarm at 6am to meditate for half an hour. 

This is for you if:

  • Want a soul care routine that lights you the f up
  • Are new to the world of spirituality, self-care & mindfulness 
  • See others doing their self-care/spiritual routines and think I would love to start but have no idea how 
  • Your current practices feel unaligned, stale & more like a chore
  • Struggle with your mental health and want to implement some healthy habits
  • Find yourself implementing a practice but days later are back to your old ways
  • Are a busy person and struggle to find the time
  • Lack healthy habits and want to live a more positive / fulfilling life


  • A soul-care routine that you cannot wait to dive into each day
  • Being able to tailor your practice each day around your needs and desires
  • Daily rituals that help you feel level-headed, grounded, powerful and focused
  • Being so deeply connected to yourself, your behaviours, actions and decisions reflect the authentic you
  • Being able to shift your energy whenever you are in a funk
  • Time to focus on growth and healing so you can be the best version of you
  • Having a toolkit you can use whenever you need to realign emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically

The Deets:

  • Saturday 2nd July - 9am aest via zoom
  • 60-90 min training session (replay available)
  • Workbook & embodiment practices for integration
  • Lifetime access through our e-portal

Investment will increase to $155

Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can make. Are you ready for the growth? 

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