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Chakra Kit

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If you feel like your chakra's are out of balance and you don't have aligned energy flow, a chakra crystal healing kit would be the recommendation for you. This kit includes a kit card with practices to incorporate into your day to day to help balance your energy centre's. A selenite wand is also included to cleanse your aura and keep your crystals cleansed at all times. 


Red Jasper (root) - Grounding, Strength & Protection

Carnelian (sacral) - Creativity, Ambition & Revitalisation

Honey Calcite - (solar plexus) - Resilience, Support & Inner-strength

Rose Quartz (heart) - Self-love, Passion & Confidence

Sodalite (throat) - Truth, Communication & Perception

Amethyst (third eye) - Intuition, Spirituality & Wisdom

Clear Quartz (crown) - Clarity, Consciousness & Energy

Selenite Rod (Crown & Third eye) - Higher-realm Connection, Cleansing & Psychic abilities

Cotton Pouch

Kit Card