• Grounding Bundle
  • Grounding Bundle

Grounding Bundle

The ultimate grounding combo! 

Grounding is a practice that reconnects you to the earth, and to your natural state, the state of being before any outside influences interact with your energy field. Practicing grounding helps you in becoming more present, eases off any negative energy helping you manage your emotions and shifting you into a calmer, level-headed mindset.

We have put together our top grounding crystals, along with a guide to help incorporate grounding rituals into your daily life.


Smoky Quartz Pyramid– Grounding, Transformation and Prosperity  

Selenite Rod – Cleansing, Clarity and Higher-Realm Connection

Dalmatian Jasper Worry Stone – Resilience, Balance and Strength

Tigers Eye Worry Stone – Loyalty, Tranquillity and Nurturing

Palo Santo – Soothes, Cleanses and Connects

Kit card including instructions on how to use this kit