• Lepidolite Tower

Lepidolite Tower

Balance •  Transition •  Transformation 

Lepidolite helps to face your fears, balance your emotions and release old patterns that no longer align with you.  If you have been on a roller coaster of emotions lately, lepidolite is the stone to help you transition peacefully and bring harmony and balance back into your life.

During your transformation you may come to a realisation that there are things, places and people that just don't fit into your life anymore, removing this from your life will create space for new aligned opportunities to shine through - The world truly is your oyster.

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye


Small: 5 - 6cm 

Medium: 7 - 8cm 

Large:  9 - 12cm  

(Please note that each crystal is unique and individual so there may slight variations) 

  • $40.00