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Manifest Kit

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Turn those dreams and aspirations into reality. We have put together 7 of the best manifesting crystals. These crystals are chosen based on our own experiences and their properties to assist with trusting your intuition, connecting to a higher realm, attracting abundance, prosperity, wealth and awakening your spirituality. This kit provides you with all the tools and information to seamlessly incorporate crystals into your everyday life. 


Citrine – Creativity, Success and Confidence

Pyrite – Wealth, Abundance and Good-luck

Amethyst – Intuition, Spirituality and Calming

Black Tourmaline – Protection, Strength and Purification 

Celestite – Manifesting, Inner Growth and psychic abilities 

Clear Quartz – Cleansing, energy and clarity     

Selenite tower - Cleansing, purification and protection 



Kit card including instructions on how to use this kit