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  • Manifesting Journal

Manifesting Journal

A guide to manifestation - essentially your journal to harness the power of law of attraction. Inside this beautifully designed guide includes journal prompts and activities so you can rewrite your story, reprogram your mind and within intention attract the life that you desire. 

Manifesting isn't simply wishing for something and hoping it happens. There are many elements to manifesting and this book will show you how and guide you through every step of the way. 

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is a process of bringing your desires into the physical world. It is a practice of turning your thoughts into reality.

'Manifest' breaks down manifestation into three parts. Power of Mind, Power of the Universe, and Action. The impossible becomes possible when all three forces come together. 

Second half of the book is an interactive section for writing, goal setting, and vision boards.

A little note from the artist/writer:

I spent 6 months pouring my heart and energy into this book. I didn't want it to just be a book, I wanted it to be a beautiful EXPERIENCE for you. Filled with my art and prompts for thought, I know you will absolutely love it. Everything that is inside came straight from my heart. Open your mind to what the book has to show and teach you.

Created with oh so much love. If you do decide to purchase the book, thank you for  supporting a small artist, and thank you for supporting reforestation through your purchase.