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Moon Ritual Pad

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Harness the energy of the moon and completely up-level your rituals with our new moon and full moon ritual pads! 

Take the guess work out of your rituals because we have done it for you! With enough pages for a new moon and full moon for the entire year! These pads were designed by our founder,  each ritual has easy to follow instructions stepping you through the ritual including mantra's, meditation and journal activities and prompts. 

The full moon ritual focuses on releasing what no longer serves to create space for the new, whilst the new moon ritual has a major focus on raising your vibration through dancing, music, affirmations and manifestation techniques to help bring through your desires faster! 

Other mandatory tools required to perform this ritual: 

* smudge stick / cleansing tool 
* lighter / matches
* Fire proof bowl 
* Jar or water bottle 

* You can also incorporate any other spiritual tools into your rituals such as crystals, card decks, candles etc.


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