• Pink Amethyst Heart 001

Pink Amethyst Heart 001

Connection   •  Intuition  •  Relationships 

This crystal is for those who want to connect to themselves on a deeper level, who want to go inner, on the journey of healing and self-discovery. It enhances your intuition and aids in reaching new levels of consciousness. The more conscious you are of yourself and your surroundings, the better equipped you are to handle situations in your life as they arise. You learn to respond from a place of love rather than impulsively reacting based on initial emotions. 

Pink amethyst is also a stone to work with to grow your current relationships and foster more love/connection along with attracting  positive new relationships into your life. 

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye and Crown 

Measurements: 670g

(Please note that each crystal is unique and individual so there may slight variations)

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