• Pink Calcite Heart
  • Pink Calcite Heart

Pink Calcite Heart

Empathy • Universal Love • Healing 


Pink Calcite is a stone of emotional healing. It is connected to the heart chakra and is used as an emotional tool  to help heal the  heart from any traumas or hurt, and  keep your emotional centre balanced. It helps you become more in tune with your emotions and recognise when your emotions are over ruling the logical mind. 

Also used  to increase confidence and self worth in your every day life, along with fostering more love in your relationships. 

If you feel like you are your own worst critic, always doubting yourself, work with this stone during meditation to stabilise your  emotions, bring compassion and acknowledge your self-worth. 

Chakra: Heart 

Measurements: 140g

(Please note that each crystal is unique and individual so there may slight variations)