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Rainbow Cake Limited Edition Candle

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At the heart of our creation is the sentiment that has  benefited me so well in entrepreneurship, "Fuck what they think." This candle stands as a testament to the power of living true to oneself, making bold choices, and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit without fear. It's not just a candle; it's a statement.

Dive into layers of joy with our Rainbow Cake Scented Candle. Each layer promises a burst of sweet, celebratory aromas, reminiscent of a freshly baked rainbow cake. Light it up and let the comforting blend of vanilla, buttercream, and a spectrum of joyous fragrances fill your space, turning any moment into a celebration of freedom and delight.

Designed for those who dare to dream and do, our candle is an ode to the rule-breakers, the innovators, and the visionaries. It's for anyone who's ever been told they couldn't, only to stand up and show the world they could. 

60 hours burn time

Measurements:  10 H x 9 W cm     

Chakra: Heart and Crown