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Terra Qi Goddess Oracle Deck

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Words from the creators of this beautiful oracle deck: Dark Moon Crystals + Prism and Fleur.

Terra Qi Goddess Oracle is a celebration of Feminine Divinity alchemised with the majesty of planet Earth & Empyrean planes.

Each Goddess has been brought forth with their dominant energy and essence in mind.  The traditional, cultural forms of each may differ in representation, as this is an invitation to seek out where you may recognise the power of a goddess in yourself, or where your incarnations may stem from beyond your current existence. Every Goddess has resonance within each of us.  ​

So many of us are feeling called to delve into the shadows of our minds, and past, to unbind our souls from ancestral conditioning and re-emerge with a higher frequency vibration. This profound decision to reconnect energetically to the universe serves not only ourselves, but each soul we encounter. Honouring the eternal Goddess within us, and beginning to heal and empower ourselves creates a butterfly effect.

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