• Tourmaline and Mica Quartz Matrix XXL 003

Tourmaline and Mica Quartz Matrix XXL 003

Protection  •  Cleansing •  Purification

These large unique pieces make beautiful statement pieces for anywhere in your home. Tourmaline is a strong protection stone and can be kept literally anywhere in your home -   Near entry ways to repeal unwanted energies from coming into your home and protecting your space, near your bedside to ward off bad dreams and have a good nights rest  or near your electronics as tourmaline has the ability to absorb EMF.  Black tourmaline is also extremely grounding, whilst the mica  has calming vibrations to balance emotions and keep us in check. 

Chakra: Crown and Root  

Measurements: 755g

(Please note that this is a unique piece - there is only one)

  • $105.00