• How to incorporate crystals into your everyday life - Workshop 2 - Sunday 8 August 4.00pm

How to incorporate crystals into your everyday life - Workshop 2 - Sunday 8 August 4.00pm

Are you wanting to dive  into your crystal journey but not sure where to begin? or maybe you have a decent collection of crystals but your not sure how to use them or you just need some guidance to up-level your crystal journey? 

Within this workshop, Lucinda is going to teach you exactly how she seamlessly incorporates crystals into her every day life and the positive impacts it has had. Lucinda works with crystals each and every day - there really is a crystal for any purpose.  Why not take advantage of this incredible healing tool? 

Lucinda knows how much information is out there, how overwhelming it can be and that's why she is saving you the time, the research and providing you with everything you need to know in an easy to digest formula.   

This is a 1.5 hour live workshop hosted by our founder, Lucinda. 

Workshop date: Sunday 8 August,  4.00- 5.30pm 

(This workshop will be recorded if you cannot attend)

Within this workshop, we will cover:

  • How crystals work - energetically and how they are formed 
  • How to connect to your crystal/s
  • How to choose your crystal/s
  • Programming your crystals 
  • Chakra system and crystal healing properties through colour 
  • Ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life
  • What to expect when using crystals as a spiritual tool 
  • & so much more!

Who is this workshop for? 

Anyone who is wanting to dive deep into their crystal work. You may be a beginner wanting to learn or maybe you have started your journey but you feel you aren't doing it right or seeing the results you want to see?! 

What is included? 

  • Live workshop with Lucinda 
  • 2 x practical activities completed during the live workshop
  • Downloadable presentation guide 
  • Crystal meditation for connecting / Programming your crystals
  • Digital crystal journal
  • Lifetime access to the recorded session + all training materials

Please note: It is recommended you do have 3 crystals for a practical activity. 

If you have any questions relating to the workshop, please email and we will be happy to answer them for you. 

  • $88.00