• Fertility Kit
  • Fertility Kit
  • Fertility Kit

Fertility Kit

Our fertility kit includes a combination of tumbles that can aid with fertility and a healthy pregnancy. If you feel like you may need some extra support to help balance your hormones and cycle,  sooth stress and regulate your body, this is the duo for you. 

With crystals associated to new beginnings, nurturing energy and known for brining zest and passion into your relationship. 


  • Moonstone – Balances the hormonal system, increases fertility, and new beginnings
  • Unakite – Brings harmony and balance to the reproductive system 
  • Clear Quartz – Master healer and amplifies other crystal energy
  • Carnelian – Ignites sexuality, libido, and passion in your relationship
  • New Jade – Heals the body and increases nurturing 
  • Rose Quartz – Brings love and releases tension
  • Cotton Pouch
  • Kit card including instructions on how to use this kit