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Obsidian Pendulum

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Grounding  • DetoxHealing

This stone is perfect for grounding and healing, helping you be more in tune with yourself and your surroundings, whilst staying true to yourself. It shields you against negative energy, accelerating the healing process and balancing the mind, body and spirit. 

Chakra: Root  

Pendulums can help provide clarity on situations. You may be needing some guidance for a question - ask it a simple question and it will respond with a yes or no. 

Please note: When you first receive your pendulum, please cleanse it and then you need to program the pendulum to you. Do this by holding it by the chain in the air with the point of the crystal lightly touching the inside of your wrist and say ' show me no' and then 'show me yes'. The crystal will then swing in it's desired direction/way for each. It is now ready for you to ask it your desired question. 

(Please note that each crystal is unique and individual so there may slight variations)