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Pink Himalayan Quartz #003 - 3.8kg

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Manifestation  •  Amplification •  Enlightenment 

Also known as  Samdhi Quartz. This stunning crystal features clusters of pastel pink and icy white points, only found in the mountains of the Himalaya's, 

Himalayan Quartz is known for its properties in deepening the spiritual connection,  attracting new beginnings and awakening one's potential, redirecting them on their true soul path and helping them find clarity within their life. 

Himalayan quartz opens the heart chakra and carries strong feminine energy -  a beautiful crystal for new mothers, bonding between relationships or for strengthening connection to those who may have passed. With this energy, it helps one to surrender,  trust in the higher power and let be rather than force making it a powerful ally for your manifestations. 

This piece is free standing.

Chakra: Heart and Crown  

Measurements: 3.8kg

(This is the exact piece you will receive)