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Lychee & Guava Sorbet Mothers day love note candle

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This Mother’s Day, treat your mom or special someone to our lychee and guava sorbet scented candle, meticulously crafted to radiate a luscious, fruity aroma that fills the room with warmth and cheer. Infused with rose quartz crystals, this candle offers not just a visual delight with its soft pink hues but also an olfactory escape into a world of tropical sweetness. The enticing notes of ripe guava blend harmoniously with the exotic lychee, creating a refreshing and vibrant fragrance that is both uplifting and comforting.

Accompanied by a playful love note saying 'You’re the shit, Mama,' this candle is the ultimate expression of joy and appreciation, perfect for showing your love in a light-hearted and affectionate way.

Measurements:  10 H x 9 W cm

Chakra: Heart